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Copaco en Qfirst nodigen u uit voor Cybersec Brussel op 19 en 20 April

NIS2 – A cybersecurity gamechanger Under the impulse of the European Union, new rules on cybersecurity of networks and information systems are on the way. They are abbreviated to NIS2. Broadly speaking, NIS2 will apply to large and medium-sized companies as of 50 employees or a balance sheet total of 10 million euros, although a […]

NIS2 what’s it all about

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NIS2 certification roadmap Awingu as added value

Companies of national importance to the functioning of the country face an imposed exercise through the NIS2 directive. What is the best framework for certification? How will Awingu provide an important pillar of protection against hacking. Listen to our nIS2 experts and the Experts from Awingu. In a showcase, see the system at work. A […]

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