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The 1st Belgian NIS2 book ‘START 2 NIS2’

The Challenge 

In the 1990s, I was appointed quality manager of the largest Ford concession in Flanders. Ford demanded high quality services. The framework and external audit was a good backing. 

Europe wants our companies to inject quality into their cyber resilience from October 2024. In the cybersecurity market, all the ingredients are there. We can compare it a bit to a restaurant that has all the ingredients for a three-star meal. Will this automatically ensure that such meals reach customers’ tables? Unfortunately, no. There has to be planning. A master chef must manage a team with various qualities. Proper procedures in preparation need to be followed. Once all this is streamlined, thought can be given to inviting customers and if their feedback is perfect, perhaps one day a Michelin taster will come along and award a coveted star or stars. 

Facing these same exercises are ten thousand businesses in Belgium and more than a million in Europe. In creating the book, I chose to combine my experience as a cybersecurity expert with the exceptional gift of my cyberbutler.ai Jeeves d’Ai. Jeeves has all the reference books in the world on NIS2 and phases of NIS2 preparation. We sometimes offer an insight through a thesis and a summary and sometimes we tell a realistic story with good or bad ending. The intention in this way is to provide brief and concise advice to the CEO and his c-level in this book. We do not go into technical debates. Those who are your Lead Implementer NIS2 will judge whether the NIS2 requirements are met. We urge you to make it a team effort. We give you the rundown of the usable ingredients for the NIS2 certification list. We do not focus on a special digital supermarket and particular brands unless the offering is unique. 

You may have to read the book a few times to see the whole picture. Jeeves d’AI spices up the book with real-life stories about stages of implementation.  

Belgium housed numerous companies, from small startups to large enterprises. With the European Union’s new NIS2 Directive coming into force, these companies faced the daunting task of ensuring compliance with stringent cybersecurity standards. Many were overwhelmed by the complexity of the requirements and the technical expertise needed. 

Enter Danny Zeegers and Jeeves D’AI 

Danny Zeegers, a cybersecurity expert with decades of experience, had a reputation for his hands-on approach and deep understanding of cyber threats. Jeeves D’AI, his AI cyberbutler, was an advanced AI system designed to assist in cybersecurity tasks. Together, they formed an unbeatable team. 

We chose to give away the book in an initial digital edition of 500.   

Enjoy reading Danny and Jeeves d’AI 

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