Now NIS2 is being promoted by Europe the IT supply chains starts to awaken and they understand NIS2 compliance is crucial for the success and longevity of any organization. Adhering to the NIS2 regulations, and industry standards is essential to avoid legal troubles, protect your reputation, and maintain the trust of your customers forced to certify for NIS2. To assist you in navigating the intricacies of compliance, at Qfirst we have compiled a comprehensive stairway to NIS2 certification. Come and discuss these key considerations and actions you should take to ensure NIS2 compliance within your critical business operations.

  • Understand Relevant guidelines and the NIS2 and European Regulations
  • Compose a NIS2 Compliance Team or Designate a Compliance Officer
  • Perform Regular internal Compliance Audits
  • Develop and Implement logical hackproof Policies and Procedures which streamline your business
  • Train and Educate Employees
  • Maintain Document Retention and Management Procedures
  • Implement Data Protection and Cybersecurity Measures, secure by design
  • Monitor Vendor and Third-Party Compliance scan their software and API’s 
  • Stay Informed and Adapt hardening changes


Adhering to compliance requirements built around a ‘Zero Trust’ setup  is essential for the long-term success and sustainability of your company. By adopting our comprehensive compliance roadmap, you will establish a strong compliance NIS2 framework that safeguards your organization, mitigates risks and fosters trust. Start to NIS2 together with our partner COPACO.

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